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Our full suite of services make banking easy

Maria Zeqo
Maria Zeqo
VP, Community Business Banking
Salem, MA
Salem Five VP, Senior Loan Officer, Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis
VP, Senior Loan Officer
Salem, MA

You can rely on our people

Our employees are experts in their fields—and they’re also your neighbors. We’re here for you.

For us, it's personal

Whether you're opening your first checking account, buying a new home, thinking about future financial planning, or looking for insurance coverage, Salem Five's expert bankers are here, ready to help.

Personal service is important. If I have any issues or questions, I reach out to my branch and within minutes, they respond.

Mario Capano, Esq., Lynn

Relationship is everything

A true banking relationship is about knowing who you’re dealing with, understanding them as people, and providing them with the products and services that are right for them.

They bring ideas and resources to the table to help with my business challenges.

Charla Jones, Boston, Owner of EU2BE Skin Care