The technology, tools and expertise to help you manage cash flow and drive profitability.

Flexible Solutions for your Business

Focus on running your business efficiently with Salem Five’s easy-to-use cash management solutions designed specifically for small businesses. The suite of competitively priced services allows you to choose which modules work best for your business, so you only pay for what you need. You can start with our Cash Flow Solutions package and add other services as you need them. Don’t let the cost and difficulty of implementing new technology hold your business back. The suite includes the digital access that you have come to expect along with our best cash management features to meet your needs now and as you grow.

As your business grows and your needs become more complex, we have other products and services to consider.  Email Cash Management

Business Online Banking

With the convenience of Salem Five’s Business Online Banking, you’ll have the flexibility to manage your accounts and business transactions on your own time. Plus, with security features and data encryption, you can be sure your financial information is safe. Business Online Banking comes with the option of adding basic Treasury Management services.

Mobile Banking

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We offer the tools you need to monitor and manage your account efficiently.

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Account Transfers

Transfer between your accounts

  • Transfer between your Salem Five business accounts
  • Transfer funds to make a payment to your Slem Five business loan

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Secure Access To Your Account Statements

We’ve made it easy and convenient for you to view your electronic account statements and notices online or via our Mobile Banking App. Once you enroll, you’ll get notified via email when your account statement is available online. And you can view up to seven years of statement history. If you want a “hard” copy, the statements are easy to print at home. With enrollment, you can also gain easy online access to annual tax documents for handy reference.

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Real-Time Alerts

Stay on top of your account activity

Keeping tabs on your account activity is just plain smart financial management. And, it's easy, when you set-up real-time alerts.  Customize your alert delivery options and receive alerts by email and text. Choose from dozens of alerts and know instantly when a transaction occurs.

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Access to important business insights

  • Simple, intuitive navigation
  • Customizable dashboard to meet your specific needs
  • Real-time balance and transaction reporting
  • 2 years of account history available
  • Mobile app allows you to perform most tasks from your mobile device

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User Management

Keep your account protected

Manage your company's users:

  • Set up, deactivate, or delete users
  • Assign access to specific services and accounts by user
  • Manager user level payments permissions

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We offer the tools you need to handle any type of outgoing or incoming payment, from making vendor and payroll payments and processing incoming payments to point-of-sale card payments.

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Automated Clearing House Payments

Make payments electronically via Business Online Banking through the Automated Clearing House network to another U.S. bank.

  • Pay individuals or businesses
  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Ensure timely payment
  • Control timing of debits to your accounts

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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit your checks from your PC

Make deposits with any number of checks to your business deposit accounts electronically when it it convenient for you.

  • Eliminate trips to the bank to make deposits
  • Later cut-off time for same-day credit
  • Maintain electronic access to check images

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Wire Transfer

Wire services for businesses that need to move money quickly.

Submit Wire Transfer instructions to Salem Five via the Business Online Banking system.

  • Send a Wire Transfer to any domestic U.S. Bank
  • Save Wire Transfer instructions for payees you will pay again in the future
  • Multiple levels of authentication ensure that your online payment activity is safe and secure

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Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks from anywhere

Save yourself a trip to the bank. With mobile deposit, you can deposit a check without leaving your house or even on the go! With our mobile app, you can safely and securely deposit checks using your smartphone camera. It’s easy and convenient.

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Bill Pay

Bill paying made simple

Paying all your bills with Salem Five Online Bill Pay makes sense in many ways. Not only can you pay any bill, any time—from utilities to loan payments to local vendors—but you can do it all in one place, rather than logging into each payee’s website, or worse, writing a check, buying a stamp, and risking its being lost in the mail. With Online Bill Pay, you can:

  • Sign up for e-bills
  • Pay bills anytime
  • Set up and store payees
  • Schedule single or recurring payments
  • Schedule an expedited payment
  • Track expenses with 18 months of transaction history

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Merchant Services

The tools and expertise you need as a merchant.

Salem Five has partnered with Clover to offer you the tools you need to grow your business.

  • State-of-the-art POS (Point of Sale) systems
  • Accept credit, debit and gift cards, chip cards and digital wallets
  • Inventory and staff management functionality available
  • PCI compliant to minimize the risk of credit card fraud to provide you and your customers peace of mind

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We are committed to keeping your accounts safe. We offer tools and information to mitigate fraud.

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Positive Pay

Help deter check fraud and protect your business.

Today, businesses are being targeted by fraudsters at an unprecedented rate. It is critical that you protect your company’s funds from any unauthorized check or ACH electronic debits. At Salem Five, we have the services to assist you in protecting your accounts.

  • Check Positive Pay reduces your potential exposure to check fraud by comparing in-clearing checks to issue information that you have uploaded on Business Online Banking.
  • ACH Positive Pay reduces your potential exposure to ACH Debit fraud by letting you review incoming ACH debits that do not match preset filters that you define.

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Real-Time Alerts

Stay on top of your account activity

Keeping tabs on your account activity is just plain smart financial management. And, it's easy, when you set-up real-time alerts.  Customize your alert delivery options and receive alerts by email and text. Choose from dozens of alerts and know instantly when a transaction occurs.

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Stop Payments

Stop a check payment mid-stream.

Initiate Stop Payment instructions directly on Business Online Banking.

  • Confirm that the check has not already cleared
  • Stop payments are effective for 6 months

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Protect your accounts and protect your business.

Helping you keep your accounts safe is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to services like Positive Pay and features such as Alerts and Stop Payments, we have a Security Center where you can find tips and resources on preventing fraud as well as specific steps to follow if you experience fraud.

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Getting Started

We're dedicated to your business and want to help you get started using your Online Banking services. For questions about using these additional online services or to sign up, call us at (800) 850-5000 or email us.