Business Accounts


Whether you’re a for-profit or nonprofit company; small, midsize, or corporate business; municipality; or attorney/IOLTA, you’ll find a Salem Five checking account that meets your needs. With low or no fee options and valuable cash management services, you’ll quickly see that Salem Five is invested in your success.

Savings and Money Market

Business savings and money market accounts should be about more than just parking your money. With competitive rates, 24/7 account access, Investment Management options, and more, a Business Statement Savings or Business Star Money Market account could simplify your bottom line.

Loans & Lines of Credit

You can never be too prepared. Having the capital you need, when you need it, gives you the power to maximize opportunities and cover bumps in the road. Whether it’s a loan or a line of credit, Salem Five puts an emphasis on quick approvals, helping you take advantage of opportunities when—and even before—they arise.

Sweep Account

Automate your investments and maximize your income with a Sweep Account. Overnight, your excess funds are placed in interest-bearing Repurchase Agreements. You’ll earn interest while preserving your liquidity.

  • Automates investment of excess funds
  • Nightly sweep after checks and other debits are made 
  • Gain easy access to operating funds 

Zero Balance Account

A Zero Balance Account automatically pools funds from your subsidiary accounts every day for investment or other productive uses. Reduce idle balances and reduce costs by eliminating overdrafts and wire transfer expenses.

  • Automatically manage transfers between accounts
  • Reduce balances in unused accounts
  • Streamline account monitoring
  • Automate nightly transfers


Business Services

There’s a difference between working in your business and working on your business. We offer a range of services and products—like Cash Management, Employee Banking, a Mobile App, and more—designed to take work off your plate. You get more time to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

I like the local and independent feel. Salem Five knows my business, anticipates what my needs are going to be and offers products and services to fit those needs.

Chris Lohring, Owner, Notch Brewery