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Account Summary Ideal for most small to mid-sized businesses. Provides businesses with value-priced flexibility to efficiently manage your business. Created for sole proprietors and non-profits maintaining high balances and looking to earn interest.

Designed for larger businesses or businesses with comprehensive Cash Management needs.

Designed for law firms administering client funds.

Monthly Transactions Included
500 free - 50 cents per additional item 300 free - 50 cents per additional item

See Banker for details

Monthly Maintenance Fee (if applicable)2 $5 $15


No fee
How to Avoid Monthly Maintenance Fee Maintain a $500 average daily balance Maintain a $2,500 average daily balance

Earnings credit may reduce or offset fee

Not Applicable
Earns Interest3 No Yes


(Interest is earned for and paid to the respective state's (MA or NH) IOLTA Committee.)
Consolidated Billing via Account Analysis with Earnings Credit to Offset Fees4 No No


See Banker for details
Cash Management Services5 Cash Flow Solutions8 Cash Flow Solutions8

Full Suite of Cash Management Solutions9

Full Suite of Cash Management Solutions9
Online Banking with Mobile and Bill Pay6 Yes Yes


Instant-issue Debit Card7 Yes Yes


Minimum to Open $50 $50



1 Transactions include checks paid, ATM withdrawals and deposits, POS transactions, electronic debits and credits, deposits and deposited items.

Fees can be offset by maintaining average monthly balance or via earnings credit.

3 Earn interest on your balance. Interest rates are variable and subject to change after account opening.

4 An additional monthly statement provided that lists transactions by type for your review to better understand your account activity.

Services that enable your company to have your money where you need it, when you need it – such as Internet banking, remote capture, mobile banking and more.

With Corporate Online Banking you can view real-time account activity, and balances, make transfers and bill payments, and more from anywhere with internet access.

7 Specially prepared for Salem Five customers to provide access to the money in your account.

Cash Flow Solutions offers businesses with basic cash management needs a valued-priced solution.
Please see a banker for details.

Salem Five offers comprehensive Cash Management Solutions designed to meet the needs of large businesses and those with needs exceeding the Cash Flow Solution. See a banker for details.