ID Theft Resources

Salem Five can help you avoid becoming a target of account fraud or identity theft by providing you with the following links and list of valuable tips:

  • Take charge - fighting back against identity theft
  • Protecting personal information- a guide for business

Who Should I contact if I suspect fraud?

Contact Salem Five Customer Support immediately at (800) 850-5000 if you suspect identity theft or fraud involving any of your Salem Five accounts.

Other Important Contact Information:

Equifax: Fraud Line: (800) 525-6285

Experian: Fraud Line: (800) 397-3742

Transunion: Fraud Line: (800) 680-7289

Federal Trade Commission (FTC):Fraud Line: 1-(877)-IDTHEFT

FTC Complaint Assistant


Financial Education Center

Get important information and tips

Watch the videos to get valuable financial information and tips. If you have questions or concerns about Identity Theft Prevention , please contact your local branch or contact Customer support at  (800) 850-5000 during regular banking hours.