Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Features & Benefits

  • Leverage your purchasing power
  • Choose from 6-month, 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, and 7-year Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)
  • Interest rate and monthly principal and interest payments remain the same for an initial period, then adjust annually
  • ARMs typically have a lower initial interest rate than on a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Includes interest rate caps that set a limit on how high your interest rate can go

Why choose Salem Five for your Mortgage?

Ed McDonald, President of Salem Five Mortgage CompanyWe’re the best in the business.

New home, first home, renovation, refi, jumbo? We finance the purchase of more homes than any other Massachusetts bank and when you talk to us, you’ll understand our expertise is what makes us different. We’ll be sure you know your options and help you come out ahead, which also means you’ll close quickly with a great rate.

Every day, our team helps people just like you navigate the mortgage process to their advantage. Helping you find the right mortgage is what Salem Five Mortgage Company is all about.

We ask customers in a post-closing survey about the level of expertise they experience working with Salem Five Mortgage Loan Officers – and we met or exceeded expectations 100% of the time.

Ed McDonald
President, Salem Five Mortgage Company

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