Salem Five InfoArmor

Proactive solutions to protect your identity

In 2014, a whopping 17.6 million U.S. residents experienced identify theft, but Salem Five works hard to make sure that our customers are not among those victims. We continually invest in new systems and technologies to protect you and your accounts; we encourage you to take measures, too, such as setting up advanced online banking alerts.

However, your identity is also vulnerable from other directions, with your personal information attached to everything from cell phone accounts to loyalty programs. That's why we've partnered with InfoArmor, a leading identity protection company, to offer you enhanced security. InfoArmor offers:

  • SNAPD Identity Monitoring of over 700 billion data points
  • Privacy Advocates who provide full remediation services to restore your identity
  • $25,000 reimbursement policy for out-of-pocket expenses
  • IdentityMD access to proactively prevent fraud and restore your identity if you become a victim
  • WalletArmor to proactively safeguard and quickly replace contents of a lost or stolen wallet to mitigate damages
  • Outbound phone calls by our Privacy Advocates® to discuss any identity issues 
  • Fewer unwanted solicitations such as junk mail, telemarketing calls, and preapproved credit offers
  • Ongoing monthly email updates and alerts for both identity fraud and suspicious activity, letting you know “Status Secure,” along with helpful tips


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