Important Changes to your Consumer Checking Account

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It can happen to any of us - you're buying something with your debit card and as you reach your card you realize that the check you intended to deposit a few days earlier is still in your wallet.

We’re Listening.

To help reduce potential hassles and save the embarrassment that stems from busy schedules, Salem Five provides overdraft services to cover one-time debit card and ATM transactions. We want to let you know about the overdraft options available to you – to ensure your debit card and ATM transactions are processed.

We’re Simplifying.

You’ll need to make an informed decision on whether overdraft services are right for you; please take a moment to review the important information below. If you are interested in signing up, simply call us at 800.850.5000.

We’re Helping.

To learn more about overdraft services and other money management tools available to assist in maintaining your account simply Email us, call Customer Service at 800.850.5000 or visit one of our convenient locations.


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