Password Security

Your User ID and Password are the keys to your online account information. Salem Five highly recommends the following guidance to help keep your information secure:

  1. Keep your User ID and Password private: (Do not be tempted to share your User IDs and Passwords with anyone)
  2. Be unique: (Try and create passwords that are unique, and that can't be easily guessed by someone else (for example: don't use your children's or pet's name, home telephone numbers or favorite sports team)
  3. Mix letters, numbers, and characters: (Passwords containing letters, numbers, and characters are harder to guess)
  4. Be different: (Avoid using the same User Id and Password for different services)
  5. Memorize: (Do not write them down or store on your computer. If you really do need to record a password then use a code system (for example: transpose some of the letters) and keep in a safe place)