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Confidentiality is important to us. We pride ourselves on taking every measure to protect your information and ensure your security.

Here at our Security Center, you can read about the latest fraud alerts, learn more about how to prevent identity theft, and understand what to do if your personal information is compromised. We're committed to your protection.

Fraud Alerts

No fraud alerts as of:

Manage Your Own Alerts

Salem Five has many text and email alerts that you can customize to stay on top of your finances. We recommend using alerts to help manage your account information, monitor account activity and enhance your personal security.

Just log in to online banking, click on the Customer Service tab, then under Contact Options, select Manage Alerts.

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

During regular business hours, call us at 800.850.5000. After business hours, call 800.236.2442.

Debit/ATM Card Fraud Alert Messages

Salem Five’s Fraud Alert Management team is always hard at work, behind the scenes, watching individual accounts for suspicious activity. If your Salem Five Visa Debit Card or ATM card is flagged with a concern, you may get an automated call from the Fraud Service Center to validate your activity. The number this automated call will come from is 800.437.9392. If a message is left, a case number will be provided for you to return the call. Outside of the published Salem Five Customer Service Center number, 800.850.5000, this Fraud Service Center number, 800.437.9392, is the only number you will be asked to call back in order to verify your transaction activity. For your own protection, we appreciate you returning calls from the Fraud Service Center promptly. 

User IDs and Password Tips

Keep your User ID and Password private: Do not be tempted to share your IDs and Passwords with anyone. 

Be unique and change your password: Create a unique password comprised of upper, lower and numerical characters. Change your online banking password every 60-90 days.

Be different: Avoid using the same User ID and Password for different online services.

Memorize: Do not write them down or store on your computer. If you really need to record a password then use a code system (i.e. transpose letters/numbers) and keep in a secure location.

Log Out: Log out of Online Banking prior to visiting other websites or leaving your computer.

Alert Us: If you notice suspicious or unusual activity in your online banking accounts, please call 800.850.5000