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Sharpen Your Financial Pencil

As a small business owner, trade groups and related associations can sometimes be key lifelines, offering important educational and networking opportunities. If you’re seeking to strengthen your financial understanding—whether you’re trying a new automated payments product, fine-tuning your treasury practices and procedures, or expanding your staff—there are local financial groups you can turn to for help.


Checks & Balances: How Internal Controls Prevent Fraud

According to research by the Association for Financial Professionals, nearly 75% of all American businesses were targeted for payments fraud in 2015. That number matches the largest percentage since 2009, and was up from 62% in 2014.


Controlling Payable: A Macro View

Last November, we discussed controlling payables as a good way to manage cash and grow your business, but the angle we took was fairly tactical (stretching payment cycles, utilizing trade credit, etc.). In the macro view, proper internal management and control of the payments that flow in and out of your companies’ bank account is, of course, critical.


Fighting Business Email Compromise

Since 2013, Business Email Compromise (BEC), also known as CEO fraud, has cost U.S. businesses more than $180 million, and that number is rising. Since 2015, the scam has been reported in 79 countries and all 50 states. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) numbers peg the average loss at about $100,000, but it can be—and has been—much more.