Moore GMC Truck: Aligning With The Customer's Needs

May 2012

Bob Moore went into business with a simple motto: "Treat people like you would want to be treated," Moore says. "Be honest with people." Forty years later, his Moore GMC Truck dealership in Danvers, Massachusetts, enjoys a solid reputation for integrity and service that keeps his business humming in any economic climate. Many auto dealerships claim their quality and service can't be beat, but actual customer satisfaction is often another story. Honesty and integrity is not a slogan, but "it's a trust that has to be earned," Bob says.

And earn it he has, starting with his North Shore Brake and Alignment shop in Peabody. "I did alignments for garages when not many people did them. I would pick up cars, align and deliver them for six dollars." Soon he bought a dealership and moved his equipment inside, where he still ran the front-end machine in addition to selling vehicles. He would work late, and then often drive into Boston where a GMC parts dealer was open until midnight to get parts more quickly.

Gradually Bob grew the business, along with his sons Mike, Bill, and Dennis, relying on a consistently busy service department that stays active even when neighboring shops are quiet. Their service parts delivery van has 328,000 miles on it, maintained with Moore's quality service. "The industry is headed that way," Bill says. "The focus is on service as customers are keeping their vehicles longer, and we'll service any vehicle."

In 2000, Moore GMC started doing business with Salem Five, out of convenience, when they opened a branch across the street. They soon realized they shared a similar business philosophy, and they now do all their banking with Salem Five. In addition to the certificates of deposit (CDs) and checking, savings, and payroll accounts Moore has with the bank, Bill got his mortgage through Gary Surette at Salem Five, as did his brother Dennis. In fact, most of Moore GMC's employees have accounts there. "We have a very personal relationship with the bank," Bill says. "Sturgis Papagiotas is easy to work with. We deal honestly and with integrity every single day. Many of our customers drop off their keys and say, 'just do whatever it needs,' because they trust us. It takes more than convenience to keep a customer, and we feel that way about Salem Five—we're not going anywhere."

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