Delande Electrical Supply: It's In The Blood

May 2013

Since its inception, Delande has grown from two to more than 30 employees, and from a 400-square-foot shop to facilities that encompass more than 43,000 square feet in total. Throughout its lifetime, says current CEO David Delande, the mindset of differentiating itself through its products, people, and service has never changed.

Delande is also a member of the largest buying consortium in the country, which accounts for more than 750 members that exceed $16 billion in sales, helping to make it among the largest distributor locations in New England. "Most markets share some commonality of product," he says. "We stock over 16,000 unique items and have more than 200 active vendors. In many cases, we offer 'good, better, best choices.' By having primary and secondary vendors for most products, we can meet a wide range of customer needs."

The firm has also never been complacent. "Each generation brings new blood and ideas, along with a different cultural outlook," Delande says. "We've each brought something new to the table. While my brother Rick and I built the business up, Ovila's great, great grandchildren, Kristen Sibeleski and Matt Delande, are working to streamline operations and bring us greater productivity through their understanding and implementation of available IT tools. I've always said that our people are our biggest asset, and this generation is giving our people the best possible tools."

While size, product range, and people matter, it's the wheels-on-the-ground, door-to-door service that has been critical to building Delande's service reputation. With a fleet of 11 vehicles, the company ships throughout eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Their local trucks load twice daily, giving Delande delivery flexibility for emergency and just-in-time deliveries. In addition, Delande offers value-added services like, on-time delivery, kitting, lighting layouts, fixture repair, heating layouts, takeoffs, engineering product support, and much more.

Any business built to last also has to be built withstand volatility. In 2008, just as the market was plummeting downhill for everyone, Delande found the right partner in Salem Five. While revenues in 2012 were approximately $15 million—a 20 percent uptick over the previous year—they were down 6 percent in 2011, up 56 percent in 2010, and down 40 percent in 2009.

"Traditionally, our revenues can be volatile," notes Delande. "It's a challenge not only for our inventory levels, but for cash management as well. Salem Five allows us to address and react to these changing situations."

Delande Electrical Supply utilizes several Salem Five services, including Zero Balance Accounts, Sweep Accounts, a credit line, Direct Deposit, Web Cash Manager ("an easy, intuitive system I use personally," Delande adds), and more. "Salem Five is a great match for Delande Electrical," he adds. "It's a bank that matches our footprint: small enough to be responsive and large enough to have the wherewith all to fulfill our technology, security, money management, and support issues. And I can always pick up the phone and get a resolution to any problem."

Put Your Money to Work

At Salem Five, it's our job to make sure your money is working hard for you, so you can keep more of it, and have the future you've planned for—and earned. We offer your business a range of tools and solutions designed to work the way you need them to—including such Deposit Accounts as Zero Balance Accounts, Sweep Accounts, Savings and Money Market, and much more--so you can stay in control of your business's future.

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