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Business Spotlight: Food and Beverage

Joseph's Bakery: The Power of Pita Drives Three Generations of Success

Half a million pounds of flour a day. What does that mind-boggling stat indicate? For Joseph’s Bakery, it means that it has completed another daily circuit of deliveries ...

Notch Brewing: A Beer "Nomad" Puts Down Roots

When you’re passionate about what you do and you truly believe in your product, you’ll go through hoops to share it. Chris Lohring, who founded Notch Brewing in 2010 ...

Traditional Breads: A Dream Powered by People

In 1981, Fitzroy Alexander came to the U.S from the Caribbean island of Grenada. Living on a commune, Alexander got into the bread business in 1984 ...

Tavern in the Square: Moving to the Fast Track

In 2004, the first "upscale casual" Tavern in the Square restaurant opened in Central Square in Cambridge. From there, the company took a steady approach to growth ...

Sidekim: Makes Fast Moves In The Food Market

In November of 2007, CEO and founder Peter Mikedis broke ground on the headquarters of Lynn-based Sidekim Foods, which provides healthier meals for childcare, school ...