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Charting New Growth Directions

Companies are considering how their capital structures can protect against a broad range of catastrophic risks. But that's like a health plan that pays out only for the most costly, life-threatening diseases. Did BP envision a drilling accident that would shut off its access to short- and medium-term capital markets and result in worldwide condemnation? If it did, it certainly didn't prepare accordingly.

Cash-Flow Sensitivity: Modeling the Future

It’s hard to anticipate how the activities of any company—and the market—might impact cash flow in and out of the business. That’s where cash flow sensitivity modeling can help. Whether it’s based on capex, financing, or operations, cash flow sensitivity modeling can assist in making cash flow shortfalls more predictive, creating opportunities to take proactive steps before real issues occur.

Buying into Growth

At some point, it makes sense to consider purchasing the real estate your company occupies. “It can be a strategic play,” states Jeremy Blanche, vice president of commercial banking at Salem Five. “It can be a great way to diversify, grow ownership’s personal investment portfolio, and act as an asset that can be integral to the purpose of the operating company.” To the latter point, he says, it’s not just an investment in your land and/or building(s). “In its simplest form, a business owner should look ...

Legal Fees: Moving Beyond The Hourly Rate

Competition is intense; there are many capable and hungry lawyers available. At the same time, partner compensation and benefits are being scrutinized more closely to determine whether they correspond with production. The gap creates an opportunity, as attorneys are more willing to move beyond traditional hourly billing plans in an effort to be more flexible and gain business.

Cash Flow Fundamentals

Cash flow basically means, "Do I have enough cash in my bank account to cover my expenses?" Sounds simple, but you'd be surprised at how many people ignore this. So why is it the number-one killer of small businesses? Carson offers two main reasons.

Should You Fire Your Customer?

Fire your client? In this environment? Maybe. More than likely you have at least one, probably more, clients or customers that are more trouble than they're worth. For example, ...

Keep Exposures Covered

If you don't pay attention to your insurance coverages, you're missing out on the opportunity to save money and ensure that you're protected as well as you should be. If you don't account for structural property changes and even increases and decreases in business, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. An annual insurance assessment is one of the best ways to mitigate risk.