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Physical Sciences Inc.: Rising on the Wings of Moths

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), based in Andover, Massachusetts, has been in business since 1973, flourishing on a steady diet of funded R&D projects ...


Joseph's Bakery: The Power of Pita Drives Three Generations of Success

Half a million pounds of flour a day. What does that mind-boggling stat indicate? For Joseph’s Bakery, it means that it has completed another daily circuit of deliveries ...


The Davis Companies: Hitting a New Housing Sweet Spot

Since 1976, The Davis Companies (TDC), based in Boston, has been a leader in successfully repositioning, developing, and managing commercial office properties. The firm invests in a range of real estate types, with properties located primarily in the Northeast. TDC currently has investments in approximately 120 properties, representing nearly $3 billion of gross asset value and new construction of 2.5 million square feet.

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Charting New Growth Directions

Companies are considering how their capital structures can protect against a broad range of catastrophic risks. But that's like a health plan that pays out only for the most costly, life-threatening diseases. Did BP envision a drilling accident that would shut off its access to short- and medium-term capital markets and result in worldwide condemnation? If it did, it certainly didn't prepare accordingly.

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Building Long-term Value: Plan on It

"Everything has a price, as the saying goes, but a lot of people struggle with figuring out what the right price is," responds Brodksy.

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Vendor Discounts: You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

The number one principle involved in getting a discount is this: Ask for it. If you don't ask, you will never get a discount. There is nothing lost in asking. However, before you ask, think through the terms and what you're asking for.

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When Flexibility Drives Family Business Success

In 1994, Dave Gravel found himself at a crossroads. As the CFO at a company that had just been acquired by GE Capital, he could have moved to the firm’s Norcross, Georgia, headquarters, but with family in Massachusetts, two mortgages, and four young children, he chose to stay in the area and start his own business.


Sharpen Your Financial Pencil

As a small business owner, trade groups and related associations can sometimes be key lifelines, offering important educational and networking opportunities. If you’re seeking to strengthen your financial understanding—whether you’re trying a new automated payments product, fine-tuning your treasury practices and procedures, or expanding your staff—there are local financial groups you can turn to for help.


Keys to Commercial Lease Negotiation

If you're considering leasing commercial space, you have some decided advantages when it comes to negotiation. For example, unlike a residential lease, there are no standard forms for a commercial lease. They are typically unique, with some standard boilerplate language tossed in. As such, they're highly customizable and should address the specific needs of the tenant and the landlord.