Local leaders webinar

Partnering with Local Leaders in our community

We’re partnering with the Boston Business Journal to produce an on-going webinar series called “Local Leaders”. 

We bring together local leaders to highlight the positive benefits of partnerships in our communities. The panels themselves are moderated by Carloyn Jones, Publisher of the Boston Business Journal. Webinar audience members will have the opportunity to participate in a moderated Q&A after the discussion has completed via a secure web link.

Growing Your Business on Cape Ann

Tuesday, November 19, 2019: 12:00pm

On November 19th, Salem Five hosted “Growing Your Business on Cape Ann,” an event with the Boston Business Journal. Our panelists discussed what it takes to grow your business on Cape Ann; the paths you can take (e.g., understanding local regulations, working with municipal offices, etc.); and the range of resources you can tap into, such as economic incentives and development, business education, business support organizations and more.


  • Ken Riehl, CEO, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
  • Sal Di Stefano, Sr., Economic Development Director, City of Gloucester
  • Christine Bolzan, COO, Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute


  • Carolyn Jones, Publisher and Market President, the Boston Business Journal


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Leveraging Business Power in Lowell

Wednesday, May 29, 2019: 9:00am

Of the 50 cities in Massachusetts, Lowell ranks 10th in total number of businesses, represented by an array of company types, from iconic firms, like Verizon, Kronos, and Target, to a diverse range of small and emerging businesses. The breadth and depth of Lowell’s vibrant business community is matched only by the resources and opportunities available to aid in its growth. Lowell is a business-friendly city and the opportunities only continue to grow.


  • Eileen Donoghue, Lowell City Manager
  • Rajia Abdelaziz  Co-Founder and CEO, invisaWear Technologies LLC
  • Ray Hamilton, Co-founder and CEO, invisaWear Technologies LLC
  • Charlie Gaffney, Vice President--Commercial Lending at Salem Five Bank


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Peabody Powers Business

Tuesday, October 9, 2018: 1:00 - 2:00pm

The “Peabody Powers Business,” live webinar took place Tuesday, October 9th at the Wiggin Auditorium in Peabody, MA. Hosted by Salem Five and the Boston Business Journal, our panelists explored the increased business growth in Peabody; the wide range of resources one can tap to grow and start their business in the city (e.g., economic incentives, microloan programs, business education, business support organizations, and more); and a wide array of financial tools to support goals and business.




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