Commercial Real Estate Financing

Every business has different real estate financing needs

No two businesses are the same, and neither are their commercial real estate needs. Some properties are more complex than others and all are driven by the specific requirements of your business. For range of property types (apartments, industrial, flex space, office, retail, etc.), to loan sizes from $1 million to $25 million, terms from 1 year to 10 years, the need for fixed or floating interest rate, and more, Salem Five has the right resources to fund a commercial real estate transaction for your business. Review our latest Annual Report

Joe Greenough

Joe Greenough

SVP, Commercial Real Estate Lending

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The Davis Companies: Hitting a New Housing Sweet Spot

Since 1976, The Davis Companies (TDC), based in Boston, has been a leader in successfully repositioning, developing, and managing commercial office properties. The firm invests in a range of real estate types, with properties located primarily in the Northeast. TDC currently has investments in approximately 120 properties, representing nearly $3 billion of gross asset value and new construction of 2.5 million square feet.


Why Management Matters in Lending

Lenders need to be comfortable with those who lead your team. If you’ve tried to secure financing, you’ve likely heard of the five Cs: Capacity, or the ability to repay the loan; Collateral, which refers to forms of security you can provide to your bank or other lender; Capital, or your investment in the business; economic and market Conditions; and last, but not least, Character, which is where who you and your team—your experience, references, and background—come into the picture.


Buying into Growth

At some point, it makes sense to consider purchasing the real estate your company occupies. “It can be a strategic play,” states Jeremy Blanche, vice president of commercial banking at Salem Five. “It can be a great way to diversify, grow ownership’s personal investment portfolio, and act as an asset that can be integral to the purpose of the operating company.” To the latter point, he says, it’s not just an investment in your land and/or building(s). “In its simplest form, a business owner should look ...