Commercial Property

Protect your property

Your commercial property is the literal foundation of your business. Protecting your buildings, equipment, and personal property from a number of different exposures can be key to your ongoing success. Because no two businesses are alike, Salem Five offers a flexible tailored Commercial Property insurance solution built around your industry, environment, and operation.

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Salem Five Bank Completes Acquisition of Sage Bank

Sage Bank will operate as Salem Five Bank upon a full conversion expected to occur in the fall of 2018.


The Davis Companies: Hitting a New Housing Sweet Spot

Since 1976, The Davis Companies (TDC), based in Boston, has been a leader in successfully repositioning, developing, and managing commercial office properties. The firm invests in a range of real estate types, with properties located primarily in the Northeast. TDC currently has investments in approximately 120 properties, representing nearly $3 billion of gross asset value and new construction of 2.5 million square feet.


Keys to Commercial Lease Negotiation

If you're considering leasing commercial space, you have some decided advantages when it comes to negotiation. For example, unlike a residential lease, there are no standard forms for a commercial lease. They are typically unique, with some standard boilerplate language tossed in. As such, they're highly customizable and should address the specific needs of the tenant and the landlord.


Why Management Matters in Lending

Lenders need to be comfortable with those who lead your team. If you’ve tried to secure financing, you’ve likely heard of the five Cs: Capacity, or the ability to repay the loan; Collateral, which refers to forms of security you can provide to your bank or other lender; Capital, or your investment in the business; economic and market Conditions; and last, but not least, Character, which is where who you and your team—your experience, references, and background—come into the picture.