Remote Deposit Capture FAQs 

What is Remote Deposit Capture and what do I need to get started?

Remote Deposit Capture allows businesses to capture checks at their business location and then transmit the check images and data electronically to Salem Five Bank for posting and clearing without any need for physical transportation. All that is needed is a PC, secure Internet connection, and scanning device.

What are the benefits of Remote Deposit Capture?

With Remote Deposit Capture you can process and deposit checks and payments electronically, while accelerating funds availability, improving fraud detection and enhancing labor efficiencies. Reduced trips to the bank, streamlined operations, expedited funds availability, minimized risk of fraud and simplified bookkeeping are just a few of the many benefits you will realize.

How does Remote Deposit Capture expedite funds availability?

By eliminating the physical transportation of checks, your customers’ checks clear faster and fraudulent checks are identified sooner. Deposits made before 5:00pm will receive same day ledger credit.

Can a check be scanned and deposited twice?

The solution has sophisticated duplicate detection technology that alerts you if you send the same check through twice and prompts you to make a decision about the item in question.

Do I have to go through a lot of training to learn to use Remote Deposit Capture?

There are no time-consuming classes or complicated instruction manuals associated with learning to install and use Remote Deposit Capture. You’ll be up and running in no time thanks to our installation wizards and web-based training features. Set-up takes a matter of minutes, and with training and support just a click away, you’ll feel confident and comfortable using the right solution from the start.

How secure is RDC?

Remote Deposit Capture features multiple security levels and control, making the process actually safer than physically transporting the checks to the bank.

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